Working asynchronously can be challenging and disrupts the work-life balance.

That's why you need an EQ Buddy to help you stay on top of things.


What is EQ Buddy?

EQ Buddy is someone with similar interests who can help you set and achieve goals.

They help you navigate any challenges at work or provide guidance in your personal life.

An EQ Buddy is there to restore the Emotional Quotient in you.


How does it work?

1. Sign up and let us know your areas of interest that you need support with.

2. You will be matched with an EQ Buddy whom you can connect with and share the support.

3. Alternatively, invite someone you know to seek support with your area of focus.  Follow them to start your interactions.

4. Create a group chat with your buddy to connect one on one. 

5. Create a list of activities for your eyes only or assign an EQ Buddy in chats. 

6. Achieve more with their guidance and motivation, and pay it forward. 



Start a discussion, set a goal, categorize priorities


Assign the objective to your EQ Buddy or keep it for your eyes


Support, guide or follow up with your EQ buddy to achieve goals


Express gratitude, maintain lasting relationships and pay it forward